Quilting Tutorials


  1. Love your tutorials, so easy to follow. I have a piecec of fabric which I ice dyed at a workshop. I would like to hand stitch dragon shapes on it( not applique)Dont want to mark the top fabric with pencil outline. I have two soft scarves to use for centre(like to recycle) and plain cotton for back. Do I attach a paper pattern with pins to back or is there some other way to do this.

    1. Hi Maxine, I'm glad you like my tutorials. I'm hoping that I understand your question right, I'm assuming that you mean you want to embroider dragon shapes on it and want to know how to do this without marking the fabric. There are two things that I suggest you could try. One is to cut out a pattern of the shape you want and pin this to the front of the fabric and then stitch around it. Another is to use a knitting needle like a pencil, and draw the shape on the fabric with it, it will leave a faint crease line which you can then stitch along, but it is harder to see, especially in evening light, and will fade relatively quickly, so won't work if you think you'll be working on the project for several weeks. I hope that helps :)

    2. Have cut out a pattern and will pin it to the front. Its going to take me a while. Will give you a progress report as I go. Thankyou for your imput.


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