Monday, 28 May 2012

Mighty oaks and baby acorns

On Saturdays, Miss Missy goes to horse riding, and while she is having her lesson, I take the Young Lad to the park up the road so he can play in the playground.  Last weekend we noticed lots of acorns on the ground.  He was quite fascinated by them, with lots of exclamations of "What's that, Mum? What's that?!"

He gathered up handfuls of them, some with caps, some without.  I used to love collecting acorns when I was small, and helicopters (sycamore ones, that is) and conkers.  Especially conkers: I loved the beautiful, swirly, shiny patterns they have.

While we were admiring all the acorns, I had a sudden idea: how cute would a knitted acorn cap be for a little baby?  I haven't made up my own knitting patterns for years, although I used to when I was making dolly clothes, but I really think I should give it a go.

What do you think?  Cute, no?

Monday, 14 May 2012

Apple Crumble...from tree to table

Our apple tree has been loaded with fruit again, and Mr K has been busy bottling.

With only a few fruit left on the tree, I thought I'd better get in quick and make an apple crumble!

When we were kids we used to drop the peel and see if it would make a letter, and that would be the first initial of the person you would marry when you grew up :)

All sliced up and in the dish.

Crumble topping made with sugar and spice and all things nice.

Pop it in the oven...

...then eat and enjoy!  Mmmm-mmm!  
And the best part is, left-overs for breakfast, yum!

When I was small, my Mum planted a Lord Wolseley apple tree.  It was years before it had any apples on it.  In fact, the first year that it did was the year we moved house.  I picked some, and made a delicious apple was so good that while the house stood empty, I rode my bike back to the house specially to pick apples to make more apple crumble.  And now I've planted a Lord Wolseley in my garden, and it's always loaded with delicious apples.  The crumble recipe I use is by Alison Holst from her book Meals Without Meat.