Monday, 16 January 2012

Today's Project ~ Dress for a Bear ~ Work in Progress

When I was a little girl, one of the thing I wanted more than just about anything (except a Miss Piggy, of course) was to have matching dresses for me and my doll.  I used to drool over patterns like this one.  So when Miss Missy mentioned that she would like to have matching dresses for her and her favourite bear, well, I knew I had to make them for her.

Last year, Miss Missy turned 8, and I made a special dress for her baptism, and I had planned to make a matching dress for her bear, Mooch, as a birthday present.  But I didn't quite get round to it.  I had all the left over fabric ready to go, as well as the extra lace I bought specially, but I think after making Miss Missy's dress, I just ran out of steam.  (It was a rather fiddly pattern to make.)
This pattern is still available here
So anyway, when a friend of mine called this morning and suggested Miss Missy should go round for a play date today, well, it seemed the perfect opportunity to get started.  (Even if it is a year late)

First I had to draught a pattern, and this was not too hard, as Mooch was quite happy to lie face down on the table while I drew pictures all over her!  When I draught patterns, I usually use lunch paper, as you can trace things easily, and you can take as much of the roll as you need. I also use newsprint, but this isn't as useful, as you can't trace with it.  For the bodice, I started with just one piece for the front and the back, till I had the shape I wanted, which took me a couple of goes.  Then I cut those shapes into the sections I needed to make into patterns, so that I could add seam allowances.  

Once I was happy with the patterns, I cut it out...

...and then stitched the lining together so that I could check that it was going to fit.

And then I made up the bodice...

I'm quite happy with the way it's turning out!  I still have the sleeves to do (I think I will just go with a frill, rather than an actual sleeve, as Mooch is rather an odd shape, and I think that will be easier than draughting a sleeve pattern) and the skirt of course (and that will be easy, as it will just be a rectangle with lace round the edge)

I've got one week to go till her birthday!  I hope I get it finished in time...

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  1. Would anyone be interested in the pattern for this dress? I'm thinking of making it available as a PDF.


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