Monday, 28 January 2013

Puppy Cake

We've had a busy weekend here in the BK house.  It was Miss Missy's birthday (10.  Double figures! My how the time flies!) on Thursday, so we had a party on Saturday and I made a puppy cake.

As usual, my plans got more elaborate the more I thought about it, and they did have to get scaled back a bit when I ran out of time and energy (and also realised that some of my plans simply wouldn't fit!) but I'm very happy with the final result!

I've made a few cakes now with fondant figures, and it's lots of fun making them!  The shop I had been buying my supplies from has closed down, so I ended up using Pettinice icing which you can buy at supermarkets. I was a little nervous about using this, as my first ever attempt at cake decorating had been with that brand of fondant, and it was a complete disaster!!  I now realise that it was the food colouring that was at fault, not the icing.  Word to the wise: don't try to colour fondant with ordinary old food colouring!  It simply will not work.  You have to use gel icing colours.

I based the puppies loosely on a design from this book by Debbie Brown.  The instructions were really good and easy to follow, even though I didn't really follow them exactly!

 The flowers are cut with a plunge cutter, which is a real cinch, but I didn't want to spend all the time rolling individual centres for each flower like I did last time I made icing flowers.  I had a great idea which made the process so much quicker and easier!  I cut the centres with the end of a round piping tip and then used a skewer to pop them out and into place in one step.  It worked a treat! 

Miss Missy said the dogs were "epic" ~ high praise from a tweenie!!

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  1. Gorgeous dogs! I've never played with fondant. Not brave enough...


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